Caring For Your Yarn

Cashmere is one of the finest, most luxurious natural fibres in the world. It is renowned for its extreme softness, warmth and lustrous quality. The finest, lofty fibres are taken from the underbelly of goats. The natural crimp of cashmere fibres helps them to interlock during manufacturing processes and allows the fibres to be spun into fine lightweight yarns. After processing, cashmere yarn retains its loftiness. Its extreme warmth, yet delicate softness against the skin makes cashmere the perfect fibre for Hand Knitting and results in a luxurious garment to wear. 


Care When Knitting

When you receive your yarn and begin your project we suggest you use the thread at the centre of the ball, we have had the yarn balled especially so that you should be able to find this fairly easily, you may need to take out a few meters to do this but it will make knitting from the ball much easier. Working from the centre of the balls stops the ball rolling around and stops the agitation of the fibres. We also suggest that you keep your yarn and knitting in a project bag, if you have purchased from our website you will receive one with your yarn. Occasionally you may find a knot in the yarn, this can be really irritating, knots happen at the manufacturing stage where threads are joined together or breaks are repaired during the spinning process, it is impossible to make a continuous thread with no breaks or joins. The yarn is then wound into balls, during this process we try to ensure that knots are kept to a minimum. If you do find a knot treat it like joining in a new ball of yarn, untie the knot or cut it out, then either spit-splice it or leave a tail long enough to weave in and start knitting with the new thread.
When you have balls of yarn with a lot of length the industry standards say that a few knots per ball are acceptable, but if you find more than this it is not, so please let us know.


Care When Washing

Your beautiful garment or accessory made from this precious and delicate cashmere fibre will require a little more care and attention than other fibres. Once you have worn your garment or accessory a few times hand wash it gently as given for the ‘wet blocking’ instructions, dry it flat patting it into shape and leave it to dry completely. If you follow these simple instructions your cashmere garment like fine wine, will improve with age.