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 Bespoke balling & twisting  

Bespoke balling & twisting  

Yarntelier yarns are produced within a very small area in West Yorkshire by companies steeped in textile heritage and history using only the best materials available.

One of the oldest established worsted spinning mills is located less than 5 miles from Yarntelier’s headquarters in the Holme Valley, founded in 1766, they have been worsted and woollen spinning since 1860 and now specialise in the woollen spinning of Cashmere Yarns. The quality of their yarn stems from the raw materials they use, which are the finest that can be obtained, directly sourcing all their materials without using merchants which guarantees consistency and establishes a close working relationship with the world’s best suppliers.
The cashmere originates from the steppes of China and Mongolia and using state of the art machinery in the manufacturing process they treat the yarns with the utmost care throughout production, minimising fibre damage which results in the luxurious handle of the yarns. Famed in the fashion houses for their quality they supply many design companies including Prada, Gucci, and Chanel. With this amazing resource so close to home we saw an opportunity to bring these beautiful fibres and yarns to the Hand Knitting market.

Cashmere Lace is an exquisite fine 100% Cashmere yarn, the colours are elegant and being woollen spun they have an intense depth of colour. Cashmere Lace is available in 12 shades and is ideal for lace knitting as each 50g ball has 425 metres of lofty, luxurious yarn.

Cashmere Gilli is truly unique, a bespoke twisted 100% Cashmere yarn, especially made for Yarntelier. The colour palette of 12 shades features subtle marl mixes as well as some hotter couture combinations. The yarn is light and airy when knitted to a double knitting tension and is ideal for all types of knitting with 212 metres on each 50g ball.

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