Our Launch

 Knitting & Stitches Show, Alexandra Palace

Knitting & Stitches Show, Alexandra Palace

On Wednesday 7th October we launched our new Yarn and Pattern collection at the Knitting & Stitching show at Alexandra Palace, North London. We were a little bit nervous!

As creative people we need to have a deadline to work to and we thought October was the perfect time to launch a hand knitting brand. Woolly hats and scarves to block out the autumnal chill, night’s drawing in, October, the perfect time to pick up the knitting needles.  And, we felt (in May) this was a date we could work back from……when to order the yarn? When to knit the garments? When to do the photography? When to have the book printed? When to do so many things!

The week before The Knitting & Stitching show is busy for any company, but when you tie it in to launching your new business, well….in our studio we had to find homes for one hundred boxes of books, five enormous boxes of yarn, mannequins, a yarn cabinet, boxes of printed patterns and postcards, two huge printed backdrops and umpteen storage boxes for incidentals. As the Knitting & Stitching opening day loomed we started to question our sanity, was this really a good idea? We hired a van and squeezed in all our lovely new products, wrapped them in blankets and hope they would be safe in transit.

The day before the show was spent unloading the van and setting up our stand, hanging the backdrops, (isn’t Velcro amazing!) dressing mannequins, fluffing balls of cashmere and meticulously arranging the garments ready for the following day. With nervous apprehension we left for the evening, the Yarntelier launch day looming……..

So Thank You….

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who stopped by our stand at Alexandra Palace and said hello. Over the show’s five days we chatted to so many textile creators from all over the world. Designers from Scandinavia, Iceland, Sweden and Norway, Knitters from Canada and America, including a charming young man studying for a Further Mathematics PhD at Oxford who was enthralled by the Zephine lace pattern and it’s mathematical sequencing, Crocheters from Manchester, Sheffield and beyond. Thank you all for your positive response to our new Cashmere yarns and patterns. Our fastidious planning paid off and everything was ready on time and we are so pleased you like Yarntelier.

Louisa Harding